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About Us

Our History


 Our business philosophy was founded on Red Paint Lake in Ontario, Canada, during a canoe expedition with a crew of nine Boy Scouts and Leaders.  The crew was faced with both extreme mental and physical challenges, but overcame them by coming together as a team to successfully paddle 65 miles and 24 portages. The adults and scouts bonded together as one team, pursuing one common goal. Through this experience and others, we quickly learned how to improve team and corporate performance, by applying what we learned from the outdoor experiences to the business world.  Since the Red Paint experience, numerous outdoor adventures reinforced the concept and provided the data, to now apply successfully to the corporate world - Red Paint Consulting was born

What we do


 We specialize in performance improvement, change management, sales & business transformation, talent & leadership development, and executive coaching. Making people uncomfortable and leveraging experiential learning is the foundation to our methodology.  Our consultants are outdoor enthusiast's to include rock climbers, hikers, surfers, mountaineers, horseback riders, and paddlers, all who are also  successful business professionals.  Combining both our passions towards performance improvement, we have helped people & teams grow both personally and professionally around the world. 

Why we do it


 Why our methodology? The traditional approach to performance improvement and transformation simply does not work any more, if it ever did. Companies invest millions of dollars every year expecting change, but only to see performance and transformations stall, wasting time and money.  Doing what has always been done but expecting a different outcome. So how is that working out for you? Also, with employee engagement on a downward spiral and with the difficulties of attracting and retaining top talent, it is time to change the status quo. It is very rewarding to watch people, performance and change initiatives accelerate after completing an RPC program.  When you tap into someone's passion, push them out of their comfort zone, and rally around one common goal, the trajectory is only upward and at RPC, we prefer to go up mountains, not down.